Saturday, July 16, 2005

Anatomy of a Night Out

2000 hours: Watch the Yankees and the Mets losing. Begin strategy session to determine what to do for the night.

2100: Two girls and one guy show up at apartment with bottle of wine. Calls are made to invite others.

2200: Several more people show up.

2230: Apartment reaches capacity, everyone moves to nearby bar.

2400: More people show up at bar. Friend who has been chatting up a girl all evening is invited by said girl to a bar in the Village. He is requested to bring at least two other guy friends.

2410: Cab ride to the Village.

2450: Arrive at Asylum on Bleeker St.

0130: Go next door to see live band.

0135: Live band sucks, return to Asylum. Dancing ensues.

0230: Meet man outside of Asylum with 125lb python. Pictures taken with python around necks.

0400: Asylum closes.

0405: Seeing a limousine in the street, pretty girl in our group goes to convince the driver to take us home. He agrees.

0406: Limo ride through Manhattan.

0500: As dawn breaks, breakfast at Tom's Diner.

0600: Stumble home, fall into bed (yes, alone).


Anonymous said...

I would have fallen into bed with you that morning. ;) Although, I haven't perfected my teleportation skills just yet....

Anonymous said...

Sounds like my kind of night, (especially with the python). Too bad I missed your first limo ride through the city, though.

Auto-Reverse said...

Don't you just love the New York summers when the gigantic pythons start piggybacking on weird guys?

Red said...

Just wanted to drop by and say that I dug deep and found your site. Mind if I add you to mine? Miss you!